• Our popular Uptown Tropical will include the freshest and best Tropical flowers and foliage in a low container. Selection will vary with availability and is likely to contain Ginger, Birds of Paradise, Anthurium and Ti leaves with substitutions according to our current selection. Pictured is our 85.00 version. Higher price points will contain floral content to value.

      Uptown Tropical

      from $85.00

    • Our most popular vase style will contain the seasons best upscale flowers and texture. A great all around choice for any occasion. Whatever is beautiful and in season will be used. For example, if Peonies are available, they would be included...or Amaryllis or Hyacinth or ... whatever comes to Alaska looking fabulous this week!

      Uptown Vase

      from $120.00

    • Soft, romantic colors and textures in a casual gardeny style. Floral content and vase may vary with availability. The overall look will be as similar to display shown with today's best quality selection of soft, upscale colors and texture. Higher price points will contain more floral content to value.

      Uptown Romantic Garden Pastel

      from $125.00

    • Uptown's Premium South American Roses in a low contemporary style. Check daily for color options besides red for the day.

      Uptown Modern Roses


    • Bright seasonal flowers in a ceramic container with texture and fun styling elements. We will use the best quality and selection available to create a similar look and feel.

      Uptown Lush and Low

      from $120.00

    • Lush bright mixed flowers in a modern tin container. Includes texture with lots of color and lush long lasting flowers.

      Mixed Tin

      from $200.00

    • A beautiful, cheerful, bright mix to include Sunflowers, Premium Roses and other seasonally available vibrant color floral content. Arranged in a contemporary low cylinder vase. Higher price points will contain more floral content.

      Uptown Sunflower Bright Mix

      from $100.00

    • Contemporary styled 2 dozen Premium South American Roses. Red roses will be used. Daily Colors also available, give us a call or e-mail for selection.

      Uptown Modern 2 Dozen Roses


    • High Style groupings in a classy ceramic or glass cube. Pictured is the top of the line version using prestigious blooms.  We can make these in a smaller look too, just give us a call for smaller desk gifts or for -just because- surprises.  Floral content varies.  Monochromatic or mixed colors.  Let us know if you have a preference and we do our best to please.

      Uptown Blossoms Contemporary

      from $100.00

    • A beautiful and impressive arrangement of 3 dozen premium roses.
RED Roses will be used.  For other color availability, please call the shop. Thanks.

      Uptown 3 Dozen Roses


    • A compact mix in a low cylinder vase.  Appropriate for any occasion.  Content and color will vary with our product availability.  If you have color or floral preferences please let us know and if available we will include your choices or come as close as we can with substitutions.

      Uptown Vase Mix

      from $100.00

    • 100 roses for a marriage proposal or to show someone you love them.

      100 roses


    • Men like to receive flowers also. What a better way to to say happy birthday or happy anniversary or get well. Tropicals are very long lasting and give a nice clean and modern look to any room or office. We have added some fishing lures to the next picture. We are happy to add any accents to personalize your arrangements.

      Masculine Tropical

      from $100.00

    • This spectacular Tropical arrangement is perfect for a Grand Opening, event or when you just want to make a big impact on a "certain someone".

      Uptown Tropical Statement

      from $150.00

    • Tropical romantic splendor. Step out of the rose box and get away to the tropics. Dare to be different. Impressive size and artistic styling in our Uptown style.

      Tropical Romance

      from $125.00

    • Your sweetheart will love this arrangement of a dozen roses with our unique modern flair. These are not your Grandma's roses. But they could be - she will love them too. Color may differ with availabilty.

      Roses Uptown Style

      from $100.00